If you're texting,
who's driving?

Safe Driving Tips

  1. Turn off your phone before you drive.

  2. Park your vehicle before texting or calling someone.

  3. Ask passengers in the vehicle to answer calls, read or write texts for you while you drive.

  4. Download one of these safe driving apps:

    • OneTap - This free app uses GPS to detect when you’re in a vehicle and manages calls, texts and alerts that are a distraction while driving.
    • Safely Go App - This Google Play app for Android users does several things to help you stay focused on the road including enabling calls through your Bluetooth or other hands-free device and sending automatic text replies.
    • Drivesafe.ly - Available for Blackberry or Android users, this app allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road by transforming incoming messages into audio. After reading the message, the app will automatically send the person trying to contact you a message letting them know you can’t answer right away because you’re driving.




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