If you're texting,
who's driving?

Spread the Word

Texting and driving is dangerous. When you take your eyes off the road and on to your phone – about four to six seconds on average – you’re risking your life and the lives of others. In fact, collisions and fatalities due to texting and driving rival those of speeding and impaired driving.

Don’t risk lives for a text message. Take the Pledge to never text and drive and help spread the word about driving responsibly.

Here are 12 ways you can help spread the word:

  1. Take the Pledge to show your commitment to never text and drive.
  2. Encourage your friends to Take the Pledge on social media and use the hashtag #justdrive.
  3. Think you can safely text and drive? Find out for yourself – try the online texting and driving simulator and challenge your friends as well!
  4. Watch and share this 15 second clip about the online texting and driving simulator.
  5. Watch and share our most recent commercial about texting and driving.
  6. Change your Facebook profile picture to the “I don’t text and drive” profile pic.
  7. Change the background/lock screen image on your smartphone to our “I don’t text and drive” wallpaper.
  8. If you’re texting someone right before you start driving, let them know that you’re ending the conversation.

    You can text them something like:
    "About to drive so I can’t text. Talk soon!"

  9. Change the email signature on your smartphone to remind yourself and encourage others to drive without distractions.

    You can say something like:
    "This message wasn’t sent while driving.
    Because if you’re emailing, who’s driving?
    Join me at whoisdriving.ca."

  10. Share some of our stats and facts about distracted driving and use the hashtag #justdrive.
  11. Post these JPEGs about driving responsibly and use the hashtag #justdrive.
  12. Keep yourself and your friends safe by speaking up! If you find yourself in a vehicle with someone who’s texting and driving, tell them to stop right away.




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